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Presentation of AC313 Helicopter


AC313 is a brand new 13-ton class civil helicopter powered by three PT6B-67A engines, which can satisfy the operation requirement for all complicated terrains in hot & high and cold areas. Highly integrated avionics suites are provided. Design criterion for structure reservation and space reservation is used in accordance with airworthiness requirement specified by CCAR-29R1 to develop basic versions of both cargo and passenger transport. Visual flight and instrument flight can be performed to IFR and VFR rules in day and night time over land and under icing free conditions.

Airworthiness Standards?
Comply with CCAR 29

Operation type

Day and Night VFR
Day and Night IFR


Basic operation environment
飛行高度:海平面~6000 m?
Flight altitude: sea level ~ 6000m
Operation ambient temperature: -40℃~ISA+35℃?
Application fields:
AC313 helicopter can be widely used in search and rescue, forest firefighting, passenger and cargo transportation, external sling, maritime survey.

Technical Features
◆ 構型:常規單旋翼帶尾槳式;

Configuration: conventional single rotor with tail rotor;

◆ 動力裝置:3臺PT6B-67A發動機,1臺輔助動力裝置(APU);

Power Plant: 3 PT6B-67A engines, 1 auxiliary power unit (APU);

◆ 旋翼: 6片復合材料槳葉,鈦合金球柔性槳轂;

Rotor: 6 composite blades with titanium alloy spheriflex hub?

◆ 尾槳:5片復合材料尾槳葉,鈦合金球柔性結構型式尾槳榖;

Tail rotor: five composite tail rotor blades, spheriflex tail rotor hub;

◆ 起落架:前三點、雙輪、不可收放式起落架,保證起降平穩、安全可靠。

Landing gear: non-retractable tricycle dual-wheel landing gears to ensure stable, safe and reliable takeoff and landing.?

◆ 航電系統:應用ARINC429和RS422數據總線為主要數據傳輸方式,并通過綜合顯示系統實現綜合控制和顯示。關鍵的設備及功能采用余度設計,以提高系統的可靠性。

Avionics system: ARINC429 and RS422 data buses are used as major data transfer methods and integral control and display are achieved through integral display system. Redundancy design is used for critical equipment and function to improve system reliability.?

◆ 操縱機構:雙套并列式布置,正、副駕駛聯動

Control mechanism: dual parallel layout with the inter-linkage between pilot and copilot controls;

◆ 飛行控制系統:采用雙余度數字式KJ-15A自動駕駛儀,實現四軸控制

Flight control system: dual-redundancy digital KJ-15 autopilot is used to realize 4-axis control;

◆ 滅火系統:能在同一動力艙內可連續進行兩次滅火,也可在兩個不同的動力艙內分別進行一次滅火;

Fire extinguishing system: two fire extinguishments can be consecutively performed in the same power compartment and one fire extinguishment can be separately performed in two different power compartments too.

◆ 防護裝置:尾梁后下段布置有尾撐,防止在著陸時尾梁和尾槳葉意外撞擊地面;

Protection device: tail support is arranged under the lower aft part of tail boom to prevent tail boom and tail rotor blades striking against the ground during landing.?

◆ 座艙布局:2名飛行員+18名乘客;

Cabin layout: 2 pilots + 18 passengers;
Flight Performance
最大速度/巡航速度????????????????? 244 Km/Hr
Max Speed/Max Cruise Speed?? 244 Km/Hr
最大續航時間?????????????????????? 5.3Hrs
Max Endurance???????????????????? ??5.3Hrs
Max. Flight Altitude????????????????6000m
有/無地效懸停升限 ????????????2800/100m
HIGE/HOGE????? ???????????????????2800/100m
最大航程?????????? ???????????????? ?1050Km?
Max. Range?????????????? ???????????1050Km?
最大爬升率??????????????????????? ??7.6m/s
Max Rate-of-Climb????????????????7.6m/s

空重???????????????????? 7560 Kg?
Empty Weight???????????? 7560 Kg?
最大起飛重量???????????? 13000 Kg
Max Take-off Weight???? ???13000 Kg
有效載重???????????????? 4000 Kg
Max Payload????????????? 4000 Kg
最大吊運重量???????????? 5000Kg
Max. Sling Load?????????? 5000Kg

3 P&WC PT6B-67A engines
最大地面起動高度? 4500m,?
Max. Ground Starting Altitude: 4500m
最大空中起動高度?? 6000m,?
Max. Aerial Starting Altitude: 6000m
起飛功率? 1447kw??
Take-off Power: 1447Kw
最大連續功率? 1249kw?
Max. Continuous Power: 1249Kw

有效總的燃油量:3800 Kg?
Total Effective Fuel Volume:? 3800Kg
20min可用余油量:390 Kg;?
Useful Reserve for 20min: 390Kg;
標準油箱容量???? 4740L?
Standard Tank Volume: 4740L?
External Dimensions
全長(旋翼旋轉)???????????? ???????? ?? ??23.045 m
Overall Length (Rotors turning)???????? 23.045 m
全高(空重,尾槳旋轉) ???????????? ??????6.741 m
Overall Height (empty weight, tail rotor turning)
6.741 m
全寬(旋翼轉動時)???????????????? 18.900 m
Width (Rotors turning)???????????????? 18.900 m
旋翼直徑?????????????????????????? 18.900 m
Rotor Diameter?????????????????????? 18.900 m
尾槳直徑?????????????????????????? 4.000 m
Tail Rotor Diameter???? ?????????????4.000 m?
Product Advantage:


Large payload carrying capability as well as strong external sling load capability;

◆ 出色的航程和續航能力

Excellent range and endurance capability;

◆ 大量使用復合材料,延長使用壽命

Composite material is widely used to extend service life cycle?

◆ 綜合顯示控制系統為飛行員提供飛行狀態信息、導航信息、機電管理系統的備份顯示及其它機載信息的綜合顯示,提高人機工效。

Integral display and control system provides flight status information, navigation information, standby display of electromechanical management system as well as integral display of other airborne information to the pilots to improve man-machine ergonomics.?

◆ 正、副駕駛聯動,安全可靠

Inter-linkage between pilot and copilot controls makes it safe and reliable.

◆ KJ-15A自動駕駛儀,減輕駕駛負擔

KJ-15 autopilot reduces the workload of the pilot.

◆ 抗墜毀座椅、告警系統使直升機更安全、可靠

Crashworthy seats and warning system make the helicopter safer and more reliable;

◆ 機外照明系統提供直升機的航向和方位信息以及防撞告警信號,并在著陸時照亮周圍場地,使飛行員能清晰目視直升機著陸時的位置和高度。

External lighting system provides the heading and position information of the helicopter as well as anti-collision signal and illuminates the surrounding areas during landing to make the pilot be able to legibly visually see the position and altitude during helicopter landing.?

◆ 機艙容量大,座椅柔軟,舒適性好

Spacious cabin and soft seats with excellent comfort;

◆ 使用成本低,便于維護

Low operation cost and easy of maintenance,?

◆ 具有本土化優勢和完善的用戶管理服務體系,可提供快速響應、飛行和機務培訓、工程技術支持等服務,支持快速的維修、備件支援、通航托管等。

Indigenous advantage and complete service system for customer management are available. The services such as quick-response, flight and maintenance training as well as engineering and technical support may be provided and quick repair, spare support, general aviation commissioning may also be supported





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